Add an extra layer of security with remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring :

Most alarm activations are not responded to, so adding alarm monitoring to your security system gives you an added level of security and ensures that all alarm activations are responded to.

If you want to be informed when you are out when the security system is activated then you will need to link to it by phone. This can be done in 2 ways, get it to inform you directly by text or voice message or get it to contact a central station run by a company who will ring you or the Gardai. Both of these options require a device called a dialler to be installed with your alarm.

Monitoring for your Home

Monitoring for your Business


Self Monitoring with a Text or Voice Dialler using a regular phone landline or upc line.

We install a text or voice dialler on your home security system and it will send text or voice messages to several phones whenever there is an alarm event. This is a form of monitoring which only costs you the price of a phone call or text message. You will not need to pay a yearly fee for a company to do the job. In the case of UPC/Chorus lines which also have tv on them then a text dialler will not work and you must opt for the voice dialler option. More info click here: Text/Voice Message Dialler

Monitoring Station

We install a dialler on your system and link it to a central station which will contact the gardai in the event of an activation. If you wish to link to a central station you must pay them a yearly fee. Our monitoring station charges 150 euro including VAT per annum for residential alarms and 170 euro per annum for commercial alarms. These fees apply to alarms which we have installed ourselves. For this you will have the Gardai come to investigate in the event of an alarm.

What happens if I don’t have a telephone landline in my home?

In this case the only way you can get burglar alarm monitoring is to use a device called a GSM dialler. Here is an example of a GSM dialler. This device uses the mobile phone networks to send the signal to your mobile phone or to a company central station. This means you will have to purchase a sim card from a phone shop such as O2 or Vodafone. GSM diallers are expensive depending on the type of alarm you have so please fill in our contact form to ask for more information.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is available on all alarms systems that we install. With our remote monitoring, we monitor your alarm system 24/7/365. In the event of an alarm activation, we will attempt to contact you or a nominated key holder to evaluate the cause of the alarm activation.

If required, we will contact the Gardai on your behalf.

Remote monitoring provides an extra level of security for your home or business.

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